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  Atelier GF    
  A brief history  

Atelier GF was established in 1990 by Robert Game and Susan Farquhar, with the working premise of a private, collaborative print studio, able to devote full time and resources to work with artists or publishers to create original editions. The second ideal was to be able to act as a publisher.

 The studio has developed a good working relationship with Bag One Arts in New York to print John Lennon editions and has produced about 85 of his images in various techniques. This contact led to working for the Estate of Miles Davis in the printing of 16 editions during six years.

Atelier GF has collaborated with many artists in an archive of over 300 editions, including;
    Jason Alexander      Walter Bachinski      David Bolduc     Miles Davis     
    Gianguido Fucito      Brian Groombridge    C.A. Henry        Nancy Hazelgrove  
    Karen Kulyk             Kenojuak                 Terry Legault     Yoko Ono  
    Glen Priestley           Jonathan Poole       Arnold Shives  

Artists published by Atelier GF include;
    Stanley Boxer       Ann Meredith Barry     Chris Broadhurst     Pat Fairhead    
    Susan Farquhar    Robert Game               Brian Kelley           Barry Oretsky
    Doug Stone

Robert Game and Susan Farquhar both began their careers in Toronto as artists and printmakers working at the Open Studio. This was an excellent place to experience the art of the collaborative printer and to develop their technical skills. Here they were given the opportunity to learn from master printers and work with experienced artists.

With this beginning experience they went to work with a private international publisher at Novak Graphics to develop and manage the studio as well as the etching and lithography departments. They worked for eight years with many diverse and exciting international artists - some published by the studio and some working on their own from Canada, the USA and Europe.

Some OS and NG artists  
    Robert Bermelin        Ron Bolt            Stanley Boxer         John Chambelain   
    Joseph Drapell          Harold Feist       Irwin Group             Carl Heywood
    Harold Klunder          Malcolm Morley  Louis De Niverville   Reinhard Reitzensteiln

    Dorothea Rockburne   Harold Town

barry henry
stone morley

kelley chamberlain fairhead broadhurst oretsky boxer
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